Complete Work demo :
  Look at the Below Video to Understand the Simple Copy Paste Work which you will do in your member Area.


Mostly Asked Questions:

1. Is there any registration fees need to pay ?

Yes, there are 3 different plans to join and your Membership is valid for only one year.The Membership fees includes all support and account maintenance charges.

2. Why don’t you deduct the fees from my first pay out?

No we do not do like that, and we do not give any free package.If anything given for free treated as valueless among people.

3. What is the timing need to work and what is the age limit to participate?

There is no particular timing or target to do the work and age limit is to be 18 – 50.

4. Who all can join in Newglobaljobs ?

People who all interested to earn money from Online Part time Jobs can join, very useful for House wife, College students, Retired persons and can work from anywhere in your convenient timing.

5. What is the actual I need to do?

Just login to your member page and copy the ads given by us and paste in different types of classified websites available in search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Rediff.

6. How much will you pay and when ?

You will get paid accordingly to your plan taken Rs.2.5 to 6 per ad posted and approved by our team and will pay every next month end.

7. How will I receive my earnings?

Your earnings will be paid through cheque or NEFT to your bank account.

8. Is there any limit for earnings?

No, you can post any number of ads daily, and also no compulsion to do work daily. You will receive your payment when you reach a minimum of Rs2000 if not done the credit balance will be carry forwaded to next month.

9. Is the Membership fees is Refundable?

No 100% non refundable, we use the account for marketing and account maintenance, and not transferrable to anybody.

10. Is there any demo available?

Yes Demo available in website,kindly look and understand yourself, if any more doubts call our customer service or email us. Your phone calls will be attended within 10am to 8pm on Monday to Saturday only.

11. Is there any chances to delete my ads?

Yes, if repeatedly posted in same classified websites and uploading the same we have rights to delete the ad. In single classified website you can post only one ad per month can be posted for single ad content.

12. Do you provide any classified list?

Yes we provide 150+ sites as sample of classified list, you can get many in online search.

13. When does my membership expires?

If there is no activity for continuous three months, your membership will be cancelled automatically.

14. How can I do my work?

You can do the work using PC, Laptop, Android phone, Tablet or anyother device having Internet.

15. Is there any referral commission?

No we do not provide any referral commission to anybody.

16.What is the guarantee that you will pay me after joining?

Usually we are paying to our members as committed, we registred organization from government you can see the certificate below

17.give any of the members mobile no. to check with them about you?

As per our privacy policy, members information cannot be shared with others whoever joining or joined.

18.If I come your office directly you will guide me how to start the work?

Clear demo and working instructions given in demo page, its waste of time to come our office in personnel, as Time is precious for everyone, Meanwhile in visiting time you can buy and post 100 classified ads which gives Rs600 for you


Membership Benefits :  
 1.  Rs.2.5 to 6/-  per Submitted ADs.
2.  Minimum Payout Rs.2000/-
3.  Technical  Support to Clarify your Doubts while Working.
4.  Get your payments  Monthly.
5.  One Year Validity.

How to Join this Work?

  1. Register now by Clicking the Join NowButton.
  2. Your membership details will be shared  to your registered email  Address.
  3. By Using the Membership details, Login to the member account.

4. START the work &  Get Your Payments Monthly thru Cheque / NEFT online Transfer

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